Amon Duul II - Phallus Dei

Vendor: SPV
Collection: Electronic
Released: 1969


Phallus Dei is the incredible 1969 debut by Krautrock pioneers Amon Düül II. The album was the result of the Amon Düül commune breaking up. The first incarnation of the group did record a series of albums all under one jam, however, Amon Düül II was far more musically inclined. It’s also pretty safe to say that Phallus Dei is to Amon Düül II what Monster Movie is to CAN: both being their most ´60s sounding albums. Phallus Dei is a wonderful debut recommended to those who like the more psychedelic end of Krautrock. Limited edition colored 180g LP pressing specially remastered for vinyl by Cleopatra Records.


159.95 dkr



1. Kanaan
2. Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren
3. Luzifers Ghilom
4. Henriette Krötenschwanz
5. Phallus Dei

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