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Acid Jazz

Hipsters 3 - V/A

Hipsters 3 - V/A

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Welcome to Hipsters 3, a third selection of garage, mod and power pop grooves from around the world. And where better to start than in Moscow where The Riots are literally Out Of Control with their brand of melodic '79 style Mod. -The Electric Mess hail from New York City and formed in 2007, receiving rave reviews for their spellbinding 60's garage R&B sound. -Cardiff boys Houdini Dax take influence from Hendrix, The Kinks, The Beatles and The Sonics through to Blur and Supergrass and mix it up into a mighty fine blend of jangly riffs. -London boys The Dactyls fuse Garage, Psych and Acid Rock and were described by BBC 6 Music as "a punk band with serious mainstream credentials". 


1. The Riots - Out Of Control
2. The Electric Mess - You've Become A Witch
3. The Snakeman 3 - Gonna Find You
4.Thee Rum Coves - Gone Too Long
5. Wet Dog - Perfect Crime
6. The Keys - Vita Hope
7. The Dactyls - Burn This City Down
8. The Feathers - Life Stranger
9. The Get Go - Two Time Loser
10. Cryssis - Simple Man
11. The Tone Puppets - Late Nights
12. The Brights - London Belongs To Me
13. The Pages - The Jean Genie
14. The Supernovas - Ultra-Violence
15. The Laynes - We Got Time
16. Houdini Dax - Robin You Lie To Me

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