Murder Capital - Gigi's Recovery

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Released: 20-01-23



Finally!! we’ve been desperately hanging on for news of a new album from the murder capital (including dan who, as we all know, doesn’t even like new music!). now, fittingly, as summer winds down and autumn announces itself, our much-missed ruminating irishmen return to harness our souls. ‘gigi’s recovery’ is dominated by two forces: mood and melody. the mood is dense and atmospheric, with texture and colour at the forefront of the writing process as different layers are injected seamlessly into each song. the melody, in contrast, is intricate and intentional. the have chipped away at the black & white world of ‘when i have fears’ (a monochrome masterpiece) & have allowed themselves to erupt into the purple-heathered bloom of ‘gigi’s recovery’. “we had this slightly tongue-in-cheek mantra at the near-beginning of writing this record, it was - the evolution will not be compromised. this kept us on a course, even when we didn’t know where we were going”. 


1. Existence
2. Crying
3. Return My Head
4. Ethel
5. The Stars Will Leave Their Stage
6. Belonging
7. The Lie Becomes the Self
8. A Thousand Lives
9. We Had to Disappear
10. Only Good Things
11. Gigi's Recovery
12. Exist




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