Bad Brains - Rock For Light

Vendor: Pvc
Collection: Reggae/Ska
Released: 1983


After the tinny sound quality of the band's debut, the second Bad Brains album came as a real blast of sonic fresh air. Producer Ric Ocasek is largely responsible, but the increased tightness and focus are also a function of maturation. This band was a weird bundle of contradictions from day one: black Rastafarian instrumental virtuosos playing hardcore punk, formerly the exclusive domain of white, aggressively atheist musical amateurs.


Coptic Times     2:13
Attitude     1:12
We Will Not     1:40
Sailin' On     1:50
Rally Round Jah Throne     4:44
Right Brigade     2:30
F.V.K. (Fearless Vampire Killers)     0:48
Riot Squad     2:02
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth     3:43
Joshua's Song     0:34
Banned In D.C.     2:05
How Low Can A Punk Get     1:55
Big Takeover     2:40
I And I Survive     5:13
Destroy Babylon     1:25
Rock For Light     1:25
At The Movies     2:20

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