22 Pistepirkko - Bare Bone Nest

Vendor: Bone Voyage Recording Company
Collection: Scandinavian.
Year: 2011

NEW VINYL Bone Voyage 2011

22-Pistepirkko was founded on the ashes of a punk rock band called "Matti Mätä & SS" at Utajärvi, a small village in Northern Finland, in the year 1980. The basic principles were surprisingly clear from the very start: Make it your own way; become professional; have an international career; try to stay open for new things and keep your act straight but adventurous; compose songs; write stories that are strong, funny, sad, happy, weird... and play them to people.http://www.22-pistepirkko.net/


1. Frankenstein
2. Don't Go Home Joe
3. Don't Play Cello
4. You're Mine Blues
5. Shot Bayou
6. Night Train Miss
7. Fly On
8. Bone Bone Baby
9. Round Table Blues
10. Till The Day I Die
11. She's So Alone
12. Save My Soul
13. Bare Bone Nest

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