Cohen, Leonard - New Skin For The Old Ceremony

Vendor: Sony
Collection: Sing-Songwriter
Released: 1974



When Cohen became known as a musician in his late 30s people were surprised that his music seemed to come out fully formed. Many were familiar with his work as an author and poet, but did not know that he had been a musician for most of his life. For Cohen, making music was another way to bring his poetry to the people. The dark thrall of his songs portray an artist that is ever able to trace the hidden contours of love, lust, sex, religion, politics and history. New Skin For The Old Ceremony, his 4th studio album from 1974, is a distinct move towards richer arrangements and greater musicality, yet through simple song structures the attention is still drawn to the poetry of the lyrics.


Side A
1. Is This What You Wanted
2. Chelsea Hotel #2
3. Lover Lover Lover
4. Field Commander Cohen
5. Why Don't You Try  

Side B
1. There Is A War
2. A Singer Must Die
3. I Tried To Leave You
4. Who By Fire
5. Take This Longing
6. Leaving Green Sleeves


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