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10,000 - Blind Man's Zoo

10,000 - Blind Man's Zoo

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Elektra 960 815 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve .

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

After the success of In My Tribe, it would be expected that hordes of bands would take a stab at the market with their own second-rate versions of the album -- it's disappointing that 10,000 Maniacs would be one of them, churning out not only In My Tribe, Pt. 2, but an inferior copy at that. It's not that the album is bad -- certainly they've perfected their sound, and in many cases, the songs are catchier this time out -- but in handling the issues (there's no shortage of them), Natalie Merchant has become more direct and obvious. For all of its earnestness and good-intentioned teachings, Blind Man's Zoo ultimately fails in its heavy-handed and generally uninteresting approach.,000_Maniacs


1. Eat For Two
2. Please Forgive Us
3. The Big Parade
4. Trouble Me
5. You Happy Puppet
6. Headstrong
7. Poison In The Well
8. Dust Bowl
9. The Lion's Share
10. Hateful Hate
11. Jubilee


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