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Cure - Japanese Whispers: The Cure Singles 82-83

Cure - Japanese Whispers: The Cure Singles 82-83

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Fiction FIXM8 made in England with lyric inner sheet.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

After the fallout both psychologically and physically of Pornography, it looked unlikely that anyone would hear from the Cure ever again. Surprisingly, from 1982-1983 Robert Smith and (now keyboardist) Lol Tolhurst put out some of the catchiest singles of their career. "Let's Go to Bed," "The Walk," and "The Lovecats" were not only singles that got the Cure radio play and made them a household name, but more importantly marked the next phase in the music of the Cure, which would reach its peak with albums like Head on the Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.


1. Let's Go To Bed
2. The Dream
3. Just One Kiss
4. The Upstairs Room
5. The Walk
6. Speak My Language
7. Lament
8. The Lovecats

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