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FM Belfast - Don't Want To Sleep.

FM Belfast - Don't Want To Sleep.

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FM Belfast is not really a band, it is a community, a force, a friend. You should not treat them as yet another buzzworty mp3 clamouring for your attention; you should treat them as a potential friend or lover, a welcome addition to your life that accepts you for who you are, and wants you to be more of it. Who are they, though? For the past four years, Icelandic electropop group FM Belfast have been perfecting the art of reading an audience and connecting with it, using their steadily growing skills to hone a music that catches easily, yet runs deep; an art of performing that can—and usually does—induce unique and euphoric states in large crowds of people, or just in your headphones. It is harsh and technical, warm and embracing and organic, thoughtful and giddy and cool and inclusive.


  • 1 Stripes
  • 2 American
  • 3 Believe
  • 4 Mondays
  • 5 We Fall
  • 6 Noise
  • 7 I Don't Want To Go To Sleep Either
  • 8 Vertigo
  • 9 In Line
  • 10 New Year
  • 11 Happy Winter
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