Gainsbourg, Serge - Couleur Cafe

Vendor: Mercury
Released: 2009


When not singing in the saloons and salons of the Rive Gauche or playing the bad guy in a serious of ludicrously bad Italian films, Serge Gainsbourg also found the time to dabble in the cha-chas and mambos which had swept Europe and America in the previous decade. However while most of the dance crazes were meant as one-offs, Gainsbourg took his excursions into Caribbean rhythms as seriously (and as comically) as all of his other stylistic experiments, and continued to record them sporadically up until the 1970's.


01  Cha Cha Cha du Loup      1:31
02  Mambo Miam Miam 2:34
03  L' Anthracite 2:33
04  Laissez-Moi Tranquille (Leave Me Alone)  2:02
05  Cha Cha Cha du Loup 1:56
06  L' Eau a la Bouche 2:30
07  Les Amours Perdues  2:58
08  Erotico-Tico   1:25
09  Ces Petits Reins  2:03
10  Baudelaire 2:26
11  Couleur Café 2:11

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