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Green, Adam - Gemstones

Green, Adam - Gemstones

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Musically, Adam Green is a strict classicist, a pop craftsman par excellence. He seems to be a very keen and very gifted student of pop music's vast and intricate rule book. Thus his music is not especially original in any way, though often sophisticated, tuneful, and clever. On Gemstones, the third and best of his solo albums, Green seems to have perfected his art. Some of the tracks here rank among the finest pop songs that are made these days. These tunes all have something in common: almost every one of them lasts for about two minutes, stripping away every possibly unnecessary part.


1. Gemstones
2. Down On The Street
3. He's The Brat
4. Over The Sunrise
5. Crackhouse Blues
6. Before My Bedtime
7. Carolina
8. Emily
9. Who's Your Boyfriend
10. Country Road
11. Choke on a Cock
12. Bible Club
13. Chubby Princess
14. Losing on a Tuesday
15. Teddy Boys

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