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Hendrix, Jimi - Midnight Lightning

Hendrix, Jimi - Midnight Lightning

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Polydor 825166 made in Holland.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG.

The opening riff to "Foxey Lady" provides the foundation for the instrumental "Trash Man," and no amount of bastardization can take away from the genius guitarist his legacy. If you take this work at face value, without the baggage of what "producer" Alan Douglas did to the tapes, this time with Tony Bongiovi along for the ride, it's still Hendrix. Maybe God allowed the series of albums to happen so the world could see Hendrix's work could survive doctoring and musicians jamming with his art after the fact. That this disc goes for big bucks on Internet auction sites says something about the timelessness of the music.


1. Trashman
2. Midnight Lightning
3. Hear My Train A Coming
4. Gypsy Boy
5. Blue Suede Shoes
6. Machine Gun
7. Once I Had A Woman
8. Beginnings

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