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Stranglers - Aural Sculpture

Stranglers - Aural Sculpture

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Epic EPC 26220 made in Holland with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

What an out and out shock. The Stranglers have gone sensual, sounding sincere, serene, and sensitive (and philosophically introspective). And it's perfect. It took 'em nine years, but they're at their peace now. Which isn't to say that this is preferable to putting on their first couple albums and early singles and rocking out to the sheer unrepentant, harsh rock of greats like "Hanging Around," "Straighten Out," or "No More Heroes"; but it sure is OK to veg out and dream along with these lithe little pop songs, with Hugh Cornwell now cooing instead of growling the likes of "Let Me Down Easy" and "No Mercy," and especially "Skin Deep." This stuff is almost as quiet and soulful as what the Passions have been up to, and that's what really surprises.  


1. Ice Queen
2. Skin Deep
3. Let Me Down Easy
4. No Mercy
5. North Winds Blowing
6. Uptown
7. Punch And Judy
8. Under The Name Of Spain
9. Laughing
10. Souls
11. Mad Hatter

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