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Stray Cats - Gonna Ball

Stray Cats - Gonna Ball

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Arista 204019 made in EEC.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

The Stray Cats' second album, Gonna Ball, was considered something of a disappointment when it was released in 1981; back then, it had the disadvantage of competing with the expectations raised by its immediate predecessor, a miraculous debut produced under the guidance of Dave Edmunds. When they pulled up stakes in England and returned to the U.S.A., they signed with EMI-America and built their American debut around what the band considered the best songs off of their first two records -- as a result, neither U.K. album was widely heard intact on American shores.


1. Baby Blue Eyes
2. Little Miss Prissy
3. Wasn't That Good
4. Cryin'shame
5. (she'll Stay Just)one More Day
6. What's Goin' Down(cross That Bridge)
7. You Dont Believe Me
8. Gonna Ball
9. Wicked Whisky
10. Rev It Up & Go
11. Crazy Mixed-up Kid
12. Lonely Summer Nights

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