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United Artists

Zappa, Frank - 200 Motels

Zappa, Frank - 200 Motels

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United Artists UAS29 218/19 XD, in gatefold cover with booklet.
Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.
Composer, guitarist, singer, and bandleader Frank Zappa was a singular musical figure during a performing and recording career that lasted from the 1960s to the '90s. His disparate influences included doo wop music and avant-garde classical music; although he led groups that could be called rock & roll bands for much of his career, he used them to create a hybrid style that bordered on jazz and complicated, modern serious music, sometimes inducing orchestras to play along.


1. I'm Stealing The Towels
2. Dental Hygiene Dilemma
3. Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You?
4. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
5. Penis Dimension
6. What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning
7. A Nun Suit Painted On Some Old Boxes
8. Magic Fingers
9. Motorhead's Midnight Ranch
10. Dew On The Newts We Got
11. The Lad Searches The Night For His Newts
12. The Girl Wants To Fix Him Some Broth
13. The Girl's Dream
14. Little Green Scratchy Sweaters & Courduroy Ponce
15. Strictly Genteel [the Finale]
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