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Jack White (nee John Anthony Gillis) is known and respected for his love of music in all senses of the word as well as his involvement in the music business.
Apart from playing the guitar and singing he is also something of an archeologist of old American music styles, he is known for using his golden ears in the recording studio and has even founded the Third Man Record Company with focus on vinyl records.

But before all this happened there was only...The White Stripes!!

If you are looking for some good old fashioned, simple and basic Rock ´n´ Roll look no further than The White Stripes!!

They have all it takes to come up with some truly credible rock ´n´roll music right out of the The Great American Heritage Music Book as well as straight out of Detroit!
They combine rock riffs with a blues feeling, good songs with great guitar playing plus rudimentary drumming to capture a sound you could call "simple" which is not an easy task!
The White Stripes provides just what you need, really, to give you the kick you want from straight Rock ´n´ Roll!

On their second album "De Stijl" (1920´s Dutch school of art, architecture and design) they combine old blues from Blind Willie McTell and Son House with original written stuff by Jack and Meg White themselves. And the songs blend together perfectly.

You can begin here or anywhere if you still haven´t checked out The White Stripes!

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