Vinyl info

NEW VINYLS Records are almost always factory sealed. Some new vinyl records,however, are not sealed but are still under RecordPusher's warranty. If you find any manufacturing defects you can retun the vinyl record and get another pressing or simply claim a refund. Either includes P&P paid by RecordPusher.

The year mentioned at the top of the item, is the production year of the record, not the release year, the release year is mentioned below. The photo of the cover are all exatly the same as the album you'll get.


Music On Vinyl (MOV)

75% of our MOV titels are in stock, titels not in stock will be back within 5 working days.


RARE/2HAND VINYL are all rated, both vinyl and cover, all ratings, are raded 25% lower then the real deal. All vinyls has info about, record company, label number, country made in and info about cover and inner sleeve. The year mentioned at the top, is the release year for the album, not the production year, the production year is mentioned below. All covers displayed are photos found on the net, but all pictures are 100% accurate to, what the album you'll get, looks like.

Importen stock info.

We like to point out that 95% of all active titles are in stock but active products can be sold out, due to the fact that the same products are sold on different online platforms and in our physical store. We try to update asap but this can take 1-2 days from when the item is sold.

Vi gør opmærksom på, at 95% af alle aktive titler er på lager, men aktive produkter kan være udsolgt, da de samme produkter sælges på forskellige online platforme og i vores fysiske butik. Vi forsøger at opdatere hurtigst muligt, men det kan tage 1-2 dage fra varen er solgt. 

Record Grading for Rare/2hand vinyl

RecordPusheronly uses the grading system below. You will never find items that are under VG, some gradings can contain one plus or two.

Mint  (M) - The record itself is in brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. Records stated as unplayed or sealed are mint.

Nearly Mint (NM) -  This record appears virtually flawless A very minor scuff and very little else can appear on the vinyl. It plays without any noise over the flaw. The cover looks as close to perfect with only minor signs of wear and or age.

Excellent (EX) - The Record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality.

Very Good (VG) - The Record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality. Despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light scratch.

Packing & Shipping info. (forsendelses info)


Fragt måde og pris

Alle forsendelser i Danmark over 250 g. bliver sendt til pakkeshop med  YoYo Express  generelt under 1 km fra den oplyste bopæl m. tracking.

Fragt prisen i Danmark er uanset om du køber 1 eller 100 vinyler 49,-

Main rule for P&P EU.

The system is set to automatically calculate the P&P so that you will be informed about the cost for your specific order just before getting to the final payment site. You can also choose if you want to insure your shipment. All this you can see in the last step in check out, just before finally confirming your order.

1 vinyl ........9,95 €. (no tracking, at your risk) 16,95€ with tracking.
1-6. vinyl... 16.95 €  with tracking.

Every item has been weight, so that you won't be charged too much P&P.

If you buy e.g. 1 post, 1 lp and  7" single,  the system will add these weights and calculate the P&P to your country, so you can see the full P&P before check out.

Shippingcoast outside Denmark is calculated refering to Postnords prices...

Most order outside EU shipping coast for 1- 6 vinyl is 16.95 €.

We have from 1-10 days processing time, normal delivery time with tracking is approx 8 days outside EU uptill 29 business days, normaly 14 business days.

All items are send in Custom-made vinyl packaging and wrapped in bubble wrap.
All rare/2hand vinyl are removed from the cover before shipment.

Shipping/packing handeling:

All new sealed vinyl are ONLY! opened and removed from the cover if the customer askes for this. This is to prevent seam split to cover, we strongly recoment this.

Hvis du vil være sikker på, at coveret og inner sleeve  ikke tager skade under transport skal DU! selv bede os om, at få åbnet forseglingen og fjerne vinylerne fra coveret.

Er din pakke alvorligt beskadiget ved modtagelse, så skal du nægte modtagelsen (skriv IKKE! under) så går den retur til os og vi løser problemet med fragtfirmaet.

If you have any questions, pleas send me a mail on


 Record Store Titels:

We only allow to buy one of all NEW! RSD titels, this is to favour as many customers as possible.

Vi tillader kun at man kan købe 1 eksemplar af NYE! RSD titler. Dette er for, at tilgodese så mange kunder som muligt.



V/A:          Various Artists.

OST:         Original Soundtrack.