About Us


All about RecordPusher.com

RecordPusher.com is a an independent online Vinyl Record store, establishedas in 2011 as Denmarks 1st. vinyl only online record store. In 2014 we opened a physical record store as well.

The onlie and physical store reflects decades of retail record experience. It started at Moby Disc Records then moved on to work for CDOM.com, N. N. Music and RedAntenna. 

Recordpusher.com is all about the passion of collecting records and I place a large emphasis on that. Customer service is the key word and I do things out of passion.

It's very simple: Vinyl simply is a quality product ! RecordPusher believes that vinyl records collecting is one of the most pleasurable hobbies one could indulge in. As well as superior packaging and fantastic artwork, the music simply sounds better!

The RecordPusher is totally devoted to vinyl. I sell singles, EPs and LPs. And all styles from metal, rock and blues to jazz, soul, hip hop, and electronic. And anything in between you can imagine, you will also find t-shirts,mugs, turntables, posters, books and other great music related stuff.

On any given day, there are more than 14000 different titles to choose from. Every day new titles is added to the site (see recently added).

We sell both new and 2hand vinyl, and you’ll find both import and domestic vinyl in the store.  We sell records to vinyl-lovers from all nations worldwide, and we're proud to be a small part of that world.