Paul weller "More Modern Classics Vol. 2"

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Paul Weller was originally the singer, guitarist, songwriter and founder of mod-inspired new wave trio The Jam from Woking, England. Their career spanned over a period of five years from the 7" and album "In The City" in 1977 to the final 7": "Beat Surrender" in the fall of 1982.

These five formative years showed a very young Paul Weller mature through six albums as a songwriter from songs about everyday life and growing up: how you looked, behaved and dressed.
Moving on to a broader perspective on "Setting Sons" with songs about your country and its history. About politics, crime, war but also introspectively the uncertainty of being young in Margaret Thatcher´s England in the 80´s.
The music was also evolving from fast aggressive rockers to more melodic, soul influenced songs some also at a slower pace.
In December 1982 Paul Weller decided to disband The Jam at the height of their success.

Paul Weller now moved on to a more soul-, r&b influenced sound with The Style Council.
This period lasted for nine years and spawned five albums- a sixth in fact was rejected by Polydor and the band broke up in 1989.
It´s been said by Paul Weller that although The Style Council being quite popular their music was ahead of their time. The lyrics in this period became even more political and adding to this Paul Weller also collaborated with (declared socialist) Billy Bragg on a side project. 

From 1990 on Paul Weller embarked on a solo career uncertain of what this would lead to. He started touring after a year´s break with a new band as "Paul Weller" with a setlist of Jam- and Style Council songs soon to be expanded with new songs.
The number of songs grew and an album was prepared in 1992 called "Paul Weller", but not until 1995´s commercial breakthrough "Stanley Road" Paul Weller was established as an artist in his own right.
The Who invited Paul Weller to sing with them live and the Britpop bands especially Oasis also embraced Paul Weller who was hereafter referred to as "The Modfather".
From then on his career has been a string of albums of different styles from classic English pop with a soul twist over 60´s-retro-psyche styles to modern electronic sounds and even a covers-album for good measure.
The Modern Classics Vol. 1 spanned his first six solo years of 7" singles and now the new compilation More Modern Classics Vol. 2 is culled from the last 20 years´ repertoire of his!! 

Watch interview videos I-III of Paul Weller explaining track by track on the More Modern Classics Vol.2
-and further on II & III


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