"Free CD with this issue"...

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If you subscribe to this or that music magazine you eventually end up with a lot of CDs to find room for on your shelves but more often than not you just put them in a box hidden away in a cupboard or... or quite frankly the CD you never even bothered to listen to let alone open ends in the bin!

How is that?
Remember: music magazines´s subscribers are per definition music lovers, aren´t they?
Could it be that a lot of the so called "Free CD with this issue" is merely uninteresting  or blatant advertising even, simply smart product placement?


On the other hand the editor of your serious music magazine will use the CD to accentuate an actual story inside the magazine itself enabling the reader to have access to the audio source itself.

What made me come to think of this was the CD that came with the May issue of Mojo to accompany the feature on "20 Post-punk Greats" inside.
The title of the CD itself was enough to make you look again: "Death Disco" and I thought: "Oh, no not them!"
As I remembered this title as one of PIL´s singles way back in the 80´s, together with "This Is Not A Love Song" and other outpourings presented in John Lydon´s newly found whine.

Well, this is not going to be either a praise of the Mojo magazine or the opposite of PIL but some of the CD´s bands which names I hadn´t even heard of from both then and now got me interested somehow.

I won´t start to list all the bands´ names here. Feel free to start googling if I got you interested!

Using the format, the CD, for a good purpose, I took it with me to my car, loaded the car stereo, pressed play and drove off.
The noise that came out of the speakers was unbelieveable and ugly....what was this...s**t anyway?

The funny thing  was that after a couple of rides in my car this music began to sound....well, interesting but yet still ugly!
 Not one track like the other and some of the "songs" I´d still had to skip in order to keep my sanity.

Now the skipping is over and the whole CD´s batch of a wonderful crooked mess of off beat music made by bands that couldn´t bother to learn how to play their instruments but didn´t let that stop them from making this glorious noise called...well find a better word yourself...post-punk! 

Now we are in the end of May (Mojo´s May issue comes in April for some reason...) and the Death Disco CD has hardly been off the car system since.
One song that is always on while I´m driving is "Deeper Water" by......PIL!!! Yes, I have finally come to terms with both the voice and the music as well as the attitude.
A song about a voyage at sea where Mr. John Lydon Esq. leads us through how to avoid the dangers of Poseidon and the lure of the Sirens?......well not really, he just preaches his words of wisdom on how to avoid a shipwreck when seas are getting dangerous. Both in the real sense of the word but also figuratively speaking: it could be about life itself!

                                     "Ferocious Seas- That Swell And Ebb, Inside The Habour...Inside My Head"

-chanted in the solemn muezzin-like voice of his.

You don´t doubt the least that he means every single word of the lyrics. These together with a wonderful backwards guitar riff the music makes a perfect image of danger signs to be acknowledged and respected...both out on dangerous seas and a warning about something to be observed and recognized inside your head too, could this be guarding your spiritual habitus? In this case the sanity of John Lydon´s spiritual habitus, perhaps? I´m only guessing here, of course. Luckily lyrics are always there for your own interpretation!!

I have now learned that the title "Death Disco" was not aimed at disco music but was a song for John Lydon´s then recently deceased mother who in her deadbed asked her son to write her a song!
On the cover notes of the freebie CD John Lydon is quoted when forming Public Image Limited/PIL in the aftermath of the chaotic demise of The Sex Pistols that, "It was like a gift from the Gods. A total change from anything I´d ever done before. I´d just start talking about how I felt rather than attacking a specific institution".

This work ethic- play what you feel- shines through almost everything PIL has ever made. If you watch their 2013 show at Glastonbury, its "f**k you if you don´t get it"-attitude blended with pride and a certainty of what they do really oozes out from the stage.

I advise you to check some of the clips on Youtube with John Lydon from various talkshows should you find interest in investigating his spiritual habitus.
When invited as the freak to these shows he always disappoints this expectation. Instead he comes up with a wise and thoughtful point of view on this or that.....and you can easily forgive him for his involvement in advertising British "Country Life" butter- it paid for the latest album...and me?
I´m off to search for it, it´s called "This Is PIL" by the way!!"

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