My first CD...

Back in the 90´s it became more and more difficult to purchase new vinyl albums. Both bands you either collected and newcommers you found interesting for that matter. So in 1992 I took the bold decision to buy a CD-player.

I had up till then been reluctant mostly because of the sound of the CD itself in those days but also the trouble of having to store a complete different media together with my vinyl albums.
My CD-player of choice was a Yamaha which for my budget had a decent sound and was easy to operate- my only criterias for this venture.
I´ ve allways thought that the software was more important than the hardware and this also applied here.

Having installed the contraption I could now go on to the process of actually buying the compact disc I had been wanting to for some time.

The music was the debut of Dean Wareham´s then new band Luna with their 1992-CD "Lunapark". Some of you who have been reading my blogpost on Orchestra Luna may have wondered why I made a notice that this was "not Dean Wareham´s Luna" especially if you didn´t know either groups.

I was not aware of Dean Wareham´s previous band Galaxie 500 so I listened to "Lunapark" with an open mind and after a few spins I was convinced that this should be my first purchase on the "new" media, the CD.

Many years later when listening to this still excellent debut from a band, that started out as "Luna2" and later changed its name to just Luna (and is now disbanded) I can still remember my first impressions of their CD- the simplicity of the songs, dreamy and well played: tight yet still loose and "fresh"  - it´s all still there on that little shiny disc ready to fill my room with glorious music. This is not a review of "Lunapark" as such but I can only recommend that you give it a listen if you like guitar-oriented (indie)rock music.

Being no novice to CDs anymore I have now fully accepted the media. Especially now when downloading and streaming are taking over.
I am, however, not sad about the fact that CD sales are hitting an all time low and though I find the digitalised sound on CD´s nowadays ok- I do, in fact, still prefer vinyl with its smooth analogue sound.

PS If you happen to know a lucky owner of "Lunapark" on glorious vinyl then this is one of only 500 excisting copies pressed and issued in Australia of all places!!


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