Music has always been, an will always be a great part of Christiania. To keep this creative music environment alive, the RecordPusher recommends, that you buy a Christiania share.

After 40 years of struggle and 10 years worth of exhausting negotiations, Christiania has managed to negotiate an agreement with the Danish state. A new Christiania fund will purchase the majority of the buildings in the area for the sum of 76 mil. DKK. and rent the surrounding green areas for 6 mil. DKK per year.

Christiania has fought to maintain the Freetown as the property of everyone and no one. The agreement ensures that the housing in Christiania remains free of speculation, the way it should be. Christiania is public heritage.

Regardless of the loan that now needs to be paid, Christiania must continue to contribute to Denmark and Copenhagen. Christiania must continually be able to embrace the millions of guests from home and abroad, be a self-managing experiment and an unruly urban park. We must include those who are not accepted anywhere else, create quirky culture and build beautiful houses that even the underprivileged can afford to live in.

The Freetown needs help shouldering this task, and that is why Christiania has issued the Christiania shares with the goal of raising 76 mil. DKK (roughly 10 mil. Euro) to support the buyout through the Fund for the Freetown of Christiania.

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