Reverse Record Store Day 2012

 RecordPusher will of course be celebrating RSD 2012. 

I like to look at RSD as a day where it's the Record Store that should be in focus. The last couple of years the focus has almost only been on the LTD.  releases, that's ok but in my perspective this event should be about the Record Store.

Therefore RecordPusher will be celebrating a reverse RSD. On saturday the 21-04-12 there will only be a few RSD releases for sale, but you will on this day get a free voucher on 7 € by writing to, you will only be able to use this voucher on this day.

The week and weeks after RSD you will be able to buy a wide range of RSD 2012 releases, so when they may be sold out elsewhere, you will be able to buy them on

Hope to see all of you on the site to celebrate Reverse Record Store Day 2012. :-)

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