New album from legendary Garbage.

Posted by Bo Ellegaard on November 23, 2020 0 Comments

 It's 18 years since Nirvana producer Butch Vig and his Wisconsin cohorts recruited marketably mouthy Scot Shirley Manson and become one of the world's most successful groups, before label trouble and acrimony triggered a long hiatus. Their first album since 2005 returns to the blueprint of their first two, best albums, the major change being fewer electronics, more fuzzy guitars and production aimed at the Gaga generation. When the processed beats are at their most frenetic – as on opener Automatic Systematic Habit – they sound as if they're trying too hard to throw their hat back into a pop ring stuffed with younger pretenders Manson herself inspired. But when they ease off the accelerator and the singer shifts from off-pat angst to revealing vulnerability, they can still produce spiky, stylish pop. Stadium-sized hooks abound on Big Bright World and Control, but the surprise is the title track – a beautiful, otherworldly cross between a John Barry Bond theme and a David Bowie outsider anthem.

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