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Faltskog, Agnetha - A

Faltskog, Agnetha - A

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Agnetha Fältskog –- one of the As in ABBA -- has marked her return to the spotlight with a new single and promises of a fresh album this May. The blonde Swedish pop legend today dropped the single “When You Really Loved Someone.” It’s the first taster of her appropriately titled album, “A,” which Universal Music Group will release on May 13.  Agnetha has been working with Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Jorgen Elofsson (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion and Westlife) and producer/arranger Peter Nordahl on her new album, which includes one of Agnetha first co-writes in many years. “I hadn’t written any music for a long, long time,” she says in a statement. “But I sat at the piano, and suddenly it was there.” The statement opens with this line from Agnetha: “Never thought that I’d ever sing again. But hearing the first three songs, I just couldn’t say no!”


Side A
1. The One Who Loves You Now
2. When You Really Loved Someone
3. Perfume In The Breeze
4. I Was A Flower
5. I Should've Followed You Home feat. Gary Barlow


Side B
1. Past Forever
2. Dance Your Pain Away
3. Bubble
4. Back On Your Radio
5. I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed

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