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A Christmas Gift For You - V/A

A Christmas Gift For You - V/A

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Here at Elefant, we have always been huge fans of Christmas albums, so we finally decided to get our act together, and we`ve put a lot of energy and excitement into our first Christmas album. “A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records” is full of previously unreleased songs that look toward that luminous side of life, a fantastic excuse to feel optimistic, colorful, and, why not, irony and a sense of humor, to help us get through the hard times. And since we want nothing less than the best, it wrapped up in the marvelous design work of the great Duprez, always full of that unmistakable pop spirit that was already his in his own right. This is a gift from Elefant Records for all of our fans.


1Attic Lights: Why should Christmas be so hard?
2 Guille Milkyway and The Jelly Jamm Sound Orchestra: Holding hands around the World
3 The Magic Theatre: Christmas Lights
4 Single: La luz del mundo
5 Modular: El viaje mágico de Santa Claus
6 Edine Avec Lisle Mitnik et son Orchestre: X-mas Song
7 The Yearning: I just wanna hold your hand
8 The School: Let me be the fairy on your Christmas tree tonight
9 La Casa Azul: Los anillos de Alcyone
10 The Primitives: You trashed my Christmas
11 Axolotes Mexicanos: Te espero en Navidad
12 YoDoMeToo: Bells to ring and jingle
13 Band à Part: Donde todo sigue igual
14 The School: You’re coming home tonight
15 BMX Bandits: Let’s make Christmas love
16 Fitness Forever: Su Sventom Kaledom 

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