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Anthrax - Attack Of The Killer B's

Anthrax - Attack Of The Killer B's

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Island 211 732 made in Germany.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

Throughout the '80s and early '90s, New York City-based thrash leaders Anthrax issued a host of singles in Europe. Many of the b-sides were not available elsewhere--few ever saw the light of day in the band's homeland. But 1991's b-side compilation ATTACK OF THE KILLER B's collects almost all of these rare tracks, as well as live recordings and other songs recorded especially for the compilation. Highlights include spirited covers of Kiss's "Parasite," the Ventures' "Pipeline," and Discharge's "Protest and Survive," a collaboration with Public Enemy on its "Bring the Noise," plus re-recordings of tracks originally cut by the Anthrax side-project S.O.D., "Milk" and "Chromatic Death." ATTACK OF THE KILLER B's is an indispensable addition to the collection of any longtime fan.


1. Milk (ode To Billy)
2. Bring The Noise
3. Keep It In The Family (live)
4. Startin' Up A Posse
5. Protest And Survive
6. Chromatic Death
7. I'm The Man '91
8. Parasite
9. Pipeline
10. Sects
11. Belly Of The Beast (live)
12. N.f.b. (dallabnikufesin)








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