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Buffalo,Avi - Avi Buffalo

Buffalo,Avi - Avi Buffalo

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Avi Buffalo 18 Year Old Singer/Songwriter, just make beautiful alt-indie-folk songs full of yearning and angst. It’s difficult not to find them entirely charming. High pitched vocal warbles over gentler guitars to give a folkeque feel to the record, while being careful not to lose themselves in unfamiliar territory. This is a young band with some great tunes. If I’m being critical this record possibly received a heavier hand in production than I would have liked, although generous reverb provides Avi a fuller, more trademark sound. They would be just as good stripped down. Standout tracks include the conversational Coaxed and folk beat Summer Cum, and boy-girl duet One Last. It’s a light record that brings summer whenever it’s played. It’s effecting and doesn’t ask too much. A great début.

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01. Truth Sets In
02. What's In It For?
03. Coaxed
04. Five Little Sluts
05. Jessica
06. Summer Cum
07. One Last
08. Can't I Know?
09. Remember Last Time
10. Where's Your Dirty Mind?

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