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Bagdad Cafe - OST.

Bagdad Cafe - OST.

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Island 210 624 made in Spain.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

This is a unique original soundtrack featuring the songs and instrumental pieces from the quirky 1988 film. The centerpiece of the soundtrack is the Academy Award nominated "Calling You," written by Bob Telson and performed by Jevetta Steele. The spirited performance of "Brenda, Brenda" is captured, as are other musical interludes from the film. The second half of the soundtrack features a telling of the story of Bagdad Café, narrated by the film's director and co-author, Percy Aldon. Most of the songs for this film were written by Telson, and his own version of "Calling You" is included. 


1. Calling You (Jeveeta Steele) 5:19     
2. Blues Harp 0:58     
3. Zweifach 2:31     
4. Brenda, Brenda 6:23     
5. C-Major Prelude From The Well Tempered Clavier 2:35     
6. Calliope 0:57     
7. Calling You (Bob Telson) 5:19     
8. Zweifach (feat. narration by Percy Adlon) 1:40     
9. Calling You (With Narration) 2:03     
10. Blues Harp (With Narration) 1:03     
11. Calling You (Instrumental) (With Narration) 2:05     
12. C-Majr Prelude From The Well Tempered Clavier (With Narration) 1:59     
13. Brenda, Brenda (Instrumental) (With Narration) 2:35     
14. Calliope (With Narration) 2:54     
15. Calling You (Instrumental) (With Narration) 2:20     
16. Calliope (With Narration) 1:47     
17. Brenda, Brenda (Instrumental) (With Narration) 0:59     
18. Calling You (Jeveeta Steele) (With Narration) 0:58     
19. Brenda, Brenda (With Narration) 1:53     
20. Calliope (With Narration) 0:07 

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