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Blessed Death - Destined For Extinction

Blessed Death - Destined For Extinction

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Roadrunner RR 9588 made in Holland with lyric sheet. Vinyl VG++. Cover VG++.

One of the lesser-known and less-appreciated bands of the East Coast speed/thrash scene, New Jersey's Blessed Death were nonetheless talented and ass-kicking, while still suffering from a mild case of schizophrenia. You see, Blessed Death (judging from their recordings, at least) couldn't decide who they wanted to be. Balls-clutching Belladonna falsetto vocals? Check. Gruff, Lemmy-esque barks with hints of Araya, punctuated with Baloff screeching? Yep. Ook-dack ook-dack thrash drum patterns? Got it.


1. Digital War
2. Pain Killer
3. 10,000 Days (of Bloodshed)
4. Incoming Wounded
5. Pray For Death
6. Death In The Sky
7. Curse Of Weapons
8. Alien Impregnation
9. Destruction's Eve

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