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Blood Red Throne - Monument Of Death.

Blood Red Throne - Monument Of Death.

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Hammerheart HHR100 made in ? with lyric inner sheet and poster, in marble vinyl. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

This original Hammerhert Records LP version of the album features different cover art and comes on a cool looking splatter vinyl. The vinyl is white with a red blood splattering, marble effect... very tasteful!! !  Resonating strongly with many of the guys here this is the album that first alerted us to Norway's contender for the death metal throne and would eventually help seal the leap from the death metal underground to Earache's roster! This debut nails some nice blasts and mid -tempo beats, accompanied by some ever so OBITUARY soloing. Check WILL like it


1. Portrait Of A Killer
2. Souls Of Damnation
3. The Children Shall Endure
4. Dream Controlled Murder
5. Mary Whispers Of Death
6. Ravenous War Machine
7. Malignant Nothingness
8. Monument Of Death
9. Path Of Flesh 

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