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Bo Kaspers Orkester - Du Borde Tycka Om Mig

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Du Borde Tycka Om Mig

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 Tags Everyone’s tags      swedish     jazz     pop     svenskt     relax     More tags  Biography Bo Kaspers orkester is a Swedish jazz-rock band formed in 1991 consisting of Bo Sundström, Fredrik Dahl, Michael Malmgren and Mats Schubert. Bo Sundström calls himself Bo Kasper while playing with the band, but uses his normal name for his solo project.  Since the first album release in 1993, Bo Kaspers orkester has released nine successful albums and has become one of the most recognized and popular bands in Sweden.  Known for their decently deep lyrics and relaxing jazz sound, Bo Kaspers orkester has become possibly the most well-known Swedish jazz band ever. The band won a Grammis award in 1998 for artist of the year were nominated for a Grammis award in 2007.


01 Festen
02 Världens Ände
03 Längre Upp I Bergen .
04 Innan Du Går
05 Utan Dig
06 Snart Kommer Natten
07 Vilket År .
08 Jag Är Vacker Ikväll
09 Mitt Rätta Jag
10 Kom

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