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Cale, John - Comes Alive.

Cale, John - Comes Alive.

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ZE 206 531 made in Germany.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG++.

While John Cale is one of the most famous and, in his own way, influential underground rock musicians, he is also one of the hardest to pin down stylistically. Much has been made of his schooling in classical and avant-garde music, yet much of what he's recorded has been decidedly song-oriented, dovetailing close to the mainstream at times. Terming him a forefather of punk and new wave isn't exactly accurate either. Those investigating his work for the first time under that premise may be surprised at how consciously accessible much of his output is, at times approaching (but not quite attaining) a fairly "normal" rock sound.


01. Ooh La La (3:22)
02. Evidence {3:27)
03. Dead or Alive (4:08)
04. Chinese Envoy (3:25)
05. Leaving it Up to You (5:36)
06. Dr. Mudd (3:43)
07. Waiting for the Man (4:31)
08. Heartbreak Hotel (4:26)
09. Fear (3:34)
10. Never Give Up On You (3:56)

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