Captain Beefheart - Unconditionally Guaranteed

Vendor: Mercury
Released: 1974


After a two-year break from recording, Captain Beefheart signed with Mercury Records and released UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED in 1974. After the gradual shine that was brought to his music, culminating with the superbly produced CLEAR SPOT, this follow-up came as a bit of a surprise to the Captain's following. The album eschewed a good deal of the jagged and gritty qualities that had been a musical cornerstone of his work. Though the Magic Band (most of whom had been with Beefheart since TROUT MASK REPLICA) lend their musicianship to this project, they disbanded shortly after completing these recordings.


1. Upon The My-o-my
2. Sugar Bowl
3. New Electric Ride
4. Magic Be
5. Happy Love Song
6. Full Moon, Hot Sun
7. I Got Love On My Mind
8. This Is The Day
9. Lazy Music
10. Peaches

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