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Gales, Eric Bookends

Gales, Eric Bookends

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Blues guitar phenomenon Eric Gales' album ‘The Bookends' features collaborations with B. Slade, Doyle Bramhall II and Beth Hart. “As a guitar player it’s been established that I can play a little bit, just a little bit,” he smiles. But for this album he not only wanted to push himself as a musician, but also as a vocalist, to build up his vocal discography. Written over a nine month period, the album was recorded at Studio Delux, Van Nuys (CA), The Dog House, Woodland Hills (CA), Blakeslee Recording, North Hollywood (CA) and the day before he was due to fly to LA for pre-production the original producer David Bianco tragically died. It was Bianco’s management who then suggested Matt Wallace. “I heard his work and the kind of people he has produced such as Maroon 5, Faith No More and all these sorta cats. When we met up together it was just perfect. I just trusted the guy and it ended up being great, I love Matt Wallace,” says Gales.


        1. Intro
        2. Something's Gotta Give (Feat. B. Slade)
        3. Whatcha Gon' Do
        4. It Just Beez That Way
        5. Southpaw Serenade (Feat. Doyle Bramhall Ii)
        6. How Do I Get You
        7. Reaching For a Change
        8. Somebody Lied
        9. With a Little Help From My Friends (Feat. Beth Hart)
        10. Resolution


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