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Wreckless Eric - The Wonderful World Of

Wreckless Eric - The Wonderful World Of

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Wreckless Eric had already begun to tire of Stiff's promotion of him as a drunken rebellious lout by the time of his second album, The Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric. He hadn't grown strong enough to break free of Stiff's hold, but he was able to clean up his sound enough for The Wonderful World to make his music slightly more accessible -- which means it just doesn't sound as messy as his debut. Wreckless Eric still has an odd, idiosyncratic point of view, but the sound is streamlined enough to make his snarls and growls palatable. Also, his hooks are getting stronger overall, and while only "Take the Cash" is on the level of "Whole Wide World," the rest of the record is comprised of rockers (and two pointless covers of Tommy Roe and Buddy Holly) that are quite enjoyable.

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1. Walking On The Surface Of The Moon
2. Take The Cash
3. Dizzy
4. Veronica
5. Roll Over Rock-Ola
6. I Wish It Would Rain
7. The Final Taxi
8. Let's Go To The Pictures
9. Girlfriend
10. Crying, Waiting, Hoping


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