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Dale, Dick And His Del-Tones - Mr. Eliminator.

Dale, Dick And His Del-Tones - Mr. Eliminator.

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Dick Dale wasn't nicknamed "King of the Surf Guitar" for nothing: he pretty much invented the style single-handedly, and no matter who copied or expanded upon his blueprint, he remained the fieriest, most technically gifted musician the genre ever produced. Dale's pioneering use of Middle Eastern and Eastern European melodies (learned organically through his familial heritage) was among the first in any genre of American popular music, and predated the teaching of such "exotic" scales in guitar-shredder academies by two decades.


1. Mr. Eliminator
2. 50 Miles to Go
3. Flashing Eyes
4. Taco Wagon
5. The Squirrel
6. The Victor
7. Blond In the 406
8. Firing Up
9. My X-KE
10. Nitro Fuel
11. Hot Rod Alley

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