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Danser Med Drenge - Danser Med Drenge

Danser Med Drenge - Danser Med Drenge

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Pladecompagniet PCLP 8052 made in EEC with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

“Dancing with boys” would be the English translation of the original Danish group name of the band. The band originated in 1963 with two members: Henrik Stanley Møller and Klaus Kjellerup, and they have created music ever since. Their first band from 1972 was named “Shitriders” made up of 7 members playing electric latin music inspired by Getz & Gilberto. It didn’t last long, they split up. They made their debut album in 1993, which to date has sold in over 200.000 copies in Denmark. The female vocal was Philippa Bulgin. She died of cancer later that year, which dissolved the band. But to honor Philips the band went on composing, and a new female vocal was found in Rie Rasmussen with the rusty voice. 


01 Hvor Længe Vil Du Ydmyge Dig ?
02 Kolde Hjerter
03 Gør Hvad Du Vil
04 Drømmen Om At Blive Til Noget Stort
05 Aldrig Undvære Dig
06 Grib Chancen
07 Jeg Vil Hellere Gå I Søen
08 Du Gik Uden At Se Dig Tilbage
09 Var Det En Fejl ?
10 Vi Skal Nok Få Gjort En Mand Ud Af Dig
11 Alt For At Beholde Dig 

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