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Merciless Records

Deranged - III.

Deranged - III.

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Merciless M.R. SRLP 018 made in Germany incl. red 7" vinyl + poster lp in red vinyl. Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

Deranged, one of the few Swedish death metal bands that came out during the early nineties, that have done their own kind of no remorse showing, intense and truly brutal death metal. No matter what other bands around were and are doing, you can be sure that Deranged will always deliver the most brutal and violent death metal man can create! 


  1. 1. Ripped, Raped, Randomized
  2. Compulsive Urge To Kill
  3. Consume, Excrete, Dwell
  4. Laugh At Human Tragedies
  5. Festering...
  6. I Thrive On Suffering
  7. Razor (Rection)
  8. Death Tripping
  9. Thrill Kill
  10. Vermin Of A Sewer World
  11. Through The Realm Of Torture
  12. Icon Of Murder


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