Dr. Dopo Jam - Entree

Vendor: Zebra
Released: 1973


Zebra 2949 007 made in Germany with original inner sleeve. Vinyl VG++. Cover VG++.

An eclectic range of influences were fused into the mid-70s jazz-rock music of Doctor Dopo Jam. Inspired by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, the Denmark-based septet blended everything from Motown-style soul and post-bebop jazz to French psych-pop. Despite the absence of a traditional bass and drums rhythm section, the interplay of violin and a three-piece brass section gave Doctor Dopo Jam its unique sound. http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Dopo_Jam


Side A.
Opening "HELLO"          
Essentia I, Sanquine          
Essentia II, Choleric          
Essentia III, Melancholic          
Essentia IV, Phlegmatic          
Qvinta Essentia: VITA            
Overture: Absorbia     
Heart-Theme, Solaria          
Brain-Theme, Lunaria          
Liver-Theme, Jupiter          
Kidney-Theme, Venus            -     
VI: The Complete Pentagram          

Side B.
Samelam-Samelam     4:10     
Entree's     3:54     
Spring-Theme-Summer-Theme     3:55     
In The Morning     2:01       
Desserts:     Forest-Flower-Picking-Preludium     7:29

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  • Dr. Dopo Jam - Entree
  • Dr. Dopo Jam - Entree
  • Dr. Dopo Jam - Entree
Dr. Dopo Jam - Entree Dr. Dopo Jam - Entree