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Erasure - Wonderland

Erasure - Wonderland

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Mute STUMM 25 made inHolland with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG.

The duo's full debut was a sparkling collection of synth-pop tunes that made up in enthusiasm and immediate catchiness what it lacked in overall variety or any sense of artistic progression from Clarke's past. Though the production, one of Flood's earliest high-profile efforts, is detailed and often lush, anyone who had followed Clarke's career wouldn't be surprised by anything on Wonderland. Bell's vocals merely tie the connections to the past further, his at-times too-shrill-for-comfort falsetto inevitably echoing Yaz's Alison Moyet as well as one-time Assembly vocalist Feargal Sharkey. Allowing for all these inevitable reminders, though, still means Wonderland is well worth a listen.


1. Who Needs Love Like That
2. Reunion
3. Cry So Easy
4. Push Me Shove Me
5. Heavenly Action
6. Say What
7. Love Is A Loser
8. Senseless
9. My Heart . . . So Blue
10. Oh L'amour
11. Pistol

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