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Fenster - Bones.

Fenster - Bones.

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Futuristic nostalgia with minimal percussion and echoey guitar riffs with a lyrical bent towards the macabre dada world of dreams. FENSTER, a duo of New Yorker-turned-Berliner JJ Weihl and Berlin-born Jonathan Jarzyna, that plays de-constructed pop music, layering subtle distortions, melodic chords and city soundscapes under dream narratives. Their sound and recording style has analog warmth, exploring the relationship between machine errors in their circuit bended beats and the tactile use of objects and instrumentation. Their influences range from the Velvet Underground to, the sounds of broken records, the hum of a washing machine, or the faint melodies of oldies tunes through their kitchen radio.


  • 1 Oh Canyon
  • 2 Fantasy II
  • 3 White To Red
  • 4 Blue To White
  • 5 Gravediggers
  • 6 The Hunter
  • 7 Fisherman
  • 8 2.7 XO 17
  • 9 Spring Break
  • 10 Killer Surf Walker
  • 11 Golden Boy
  • 12 Gespenster

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