Gangway - The Twist

Vendor: Irmgardz
Released: 1984


Irmgardz Irmg 10 made in Denmark.

Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

Gangway was one of the finest danish popbands ever. With Allan Jensens pure, almost Morrissey-like vocal and Henrik Ballings original lyrics and delicious melodies Gangway was tipped for an international breakthrough. That never happened. But they did manage to record and put out six studio albums filled with both humour and pain, that equals and often surpasses the wonders of Prefab Sprout, Aztec Camera and Pet Shop Boys.


 1. Yellow
2. Boys In The River
3. Join The Party 
4. Everything We´ve Ever Had
5. What? 
6. The Idiot 
7. The Loneliest Being
8. Violence, Easter And Christmas
9. On The Roof 
10. Call Up 
11. Rhythm´s Our Business

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