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Green Day - Dos !

Green Day - Dos !

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The Second Installment of Green Day's Epic New Trilogy on Reprise Records! “You’re on this journey,” Warner Bros. Records Chairman Rob Cavallo told Green Day frontman/songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong. “Keep writing.” It was Cavallo’s second trip in a few weeks to the Bay Area, where Armstrong once again played him song after dazzling song. Plenty of great material had piled up already, but the modern-rock hitmaker was clearly on fire and Cavallo, who signed the band in the ’90s and produced most of their albums (including the Diamond-certified Dookie and sextuple-platinum monster American Idiot), didn’t want to interfere with the process. “We weren’t under any pressure to turn in the record quickly,” he points out. “So I said, ‘If you’re feeling it, keep going.’”

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1.  See You Tonight
2.  Fuck Time
3.  Stop When The Red Lights Flash
4.  Lazy Bones
5.  Wild One
6.  Makeout Party
7.  Stray Heart
8.  Ashely
9.  Baby Eyes
10. Lady Cobra
11. Nightlife
12. Wow! That's Loud
13. Amy

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