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Hair - OST

Hair - OST

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RCA BL 03274 made in England in gatefold cover with text sheet.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Hair was both celebratory and anticlimactic at the same time. Heralded by many at the time as being a rejuvenation for musical theater, it was also supposed to "speak" for the youth. The problem with that is that any time you attempt to allow a piece of written work to speak for a generation, it invariably fails. It is undoubtedly impossible for one musical to classify every attitude held by a person under 30 at that time. Given this fact, Hair was destined to be considered a disappointment. 


Aquarius     4:47          
Sodomy     1:29          
Donna / Hashish     4:20          
Colored Spade     1:33          
Manchester     1:57          
Abie Baby / Fourscore     2:43          
I'm Black / Ain't Got No     2:24          
Air     1:26          
Party Music     3:25          
My Conviction     1:47          
I Got Life     2:15          
Frank Mills     2:39          
Hair     2:42          
L.B.J. (Initials)     1:07          
Electric Blues / Old Fashioned Melody     3:53          
Hare Krishna     3:24          
Where Do I Go?     2:48          
Black Boys     1:11          
White Boys     2:35          
Walking In Space     6:13          
Easy To Be Hard     3:39          
3-5-0-0     3:49          
Good Morning Starshine     2:24          
What A Piece Of Work Is Man     1:39          
Somebody To Love     4:12          
Don't Put It Down     2:25          
The Flesh Failures / Let The Sunshine In     6:04

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