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Acid Jazz

Hipsters 2 - V/A

Hipsters 2 - V/A

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It’s an interesting time for Acid Jazz to be releasing Hipsters 2 as we seem to be at something of a crossroads when it comes to ‘mod’ bands. Bands have always been part of the mod scene, whether that was British acts reinterpreting soul and R&B tunes in the 60s or bands formed by kids who were part of the mod revival in the late 70s and into the 80s. But in the recent past, the shadow of Paul Weller, that previous mod revival and all too often, the Small Faces, has loomed large, leaving a scene that on the one hand, is about crate digging for rare soul and R&B, dancing to said tunes and spending big on clobber, but on the other, has mod bands consisting of blokes in their 30s and 40s with Paul Weller hairdos re-hashing All Or Nothing (no offence intended to anyone, by the way).


1. The Method – We Don’t Know
2. Slimshack - Who Do You Love .
3. The Birds – That’s All I Need For You
4. Bay Of Pigs – Tainted Love
5. Speakeasy – Your Precious Ways
6. The Broken Vinyl Club – I Want You Girl
7. The Galileo 7 – Orangery Lane
8. The Solomonics – Blanket Of Secrecy
9. Modus - Watch Out
10. The Crackles feat. The Duloks. – Switch It On
11. The Soulphonics &. Ruby Velle - Heartlite
12.Dig For Victory – Feel The Fire
13. The Feelmores – Feeling
14. The Sonic Jewels – Joker’s Jailhouse
15. Aunt Nelly – Day Trippin’
16. The Universal - Stand Up
17. The Effectives – When The Wind Blows

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