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Housemartins - Now That's What I Call Good

Housemartins - Now That's What I Call Good

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Chrysalis 303 275 made in Germany in gatefold cover.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

 Gathering singles, B-sides, BBC sessions, and key album cuts from all chapters of the Housemartins' brief but brilliant career, the posthumous Now That's What I Call Quite Good! is both a glowing greatest-hits package and an odds-and-ends clearinghouse -- a fitting epitaph for a band which thrived on contradictions in consistently pitting the personal versus the political and the secular versus the spiritual.


1. I Smell Winter
2. Bow Down
3. Think For A Minute!
4. There Is Always Something There To Remind Me
5. The Mighty Ship
6. Sheep
7. I'll Be Your Shelter
8. Five Get Over Excited
9. Everyday's The Same
10. Build
11. Step Outside
12. Flag Day
13. Happy Hour
14. You've Got A Friend
15. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
16. Freedom
17. The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death
18. Caravan Of Love
19. Light Is Always Green
20. We're Not Deep
21. Me And The Farmer
22. Lean On Me
23. Drop Down Dead
24. Hopelessly Devoted To Them

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