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Ice-T - Rhyme Pays

Ice-T - Rhyme Pays

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Sire 925602 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG++.

Ice-T (born Tracy Morrow) has proven to be one of hip-hop's most articulate and intelligent stars, as well as one of its most frustrating. At his best, the rapper has written some of the best portraits of ghetto life and gangsters, as well as some of the best social commentary hip-hop has produced. Just as often, he can slip into sexism and gratuitous violence, and even then his rhymes are clever and biting. Ice-T's best recordings have always been made in conjunction with strong collaborators, whether it's the Bomb Squad or Jello Biafra. With his music, Ice-T has made a conscious effort to win the vast audience of white male adolescents, as his frequent excursions with his heavy metal band Body Count show. All the while, he has withstood a constant barrage of criticism and controversy to become a respected figure not only in the music press, but the mainstream media as well.


1. Intro/rhyme Pays
2. 6 'n The Morning
3. Make It Funky
4. Somebody Gotta Do It (pimpin' Aint Easy!!!)
5. 409
6. I Love Ladies
7. Sex
8. Pain
9. Squeeze The Trigger
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