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Imperiet - Synd

Imperiet - Synd

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Mistlur MLR 55 made in EEC in gatefold cover with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

During a few years in the '80s, Imperiet dominated the Swedish alternative rock scene, and even though Thåström never saw it as one of his best periods, it was this period that cemented his fame. Starting out as an alternative band with roots in punk rock, Imperiet became known to a wider audience with their second album, Blå Himlen Blues, and soon they had become the most popular Swedish rock band. They kept their fame the following years and released another highly successful album; but after failing to break abroad, the group started to disintegrate and in 1988 they finally broke up.


Österns Röda Ros     4:32         
Cosmopolite     4:12         
D-D-D-D (Dum-Dum-Dollar-Djungel)     3:44         
Saker Som Hon Gör     5:38         
Vykort     1:21         
Tennsoldat Och Eldvakt     4:15         
Bibel     7:46         
Offret     4:53         
Innan Himlen Faller Ner     2:58    

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