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It's A Musical - For Years & Years

It's A Musical - For Years & Years

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Question: What is it that all those “mixed duos” of recent musical history, acts like Eurythmics, Everything But The Girl, The White Stripes or The Dresden Dolls have in common? Answer: They all have clear roles within the band. In the case of Berlin-based duo It’s A Musical, things are a little different though: Ella Blixt aka Bobby Baby and Robert Kretzschmar don’t have these clear roles; instead they go for a decidedly more open and democratic approach. They write their songs together, they decide who plays which instrument for any given song (in concert, they repeatedly switch between organs and drums), and when recording, they keep things DIY (Norman Nitzsche, who mixed the latest album by The Whitest Boy Alive, was the only additional person to help out in the studio).


  • 1 For Years And Years
  • 2 As Soon As I
  • 3 The Nap
  • 4 Point Back
  •  5 Peace And Trees
  • 6 The Team That Never Wins
  • 7 Fish Song
  • 8 Ljubljana
  • 9 Pictures
  • 10 One Million People
  • 11 The Dream
  • 12 Bring It On
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